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Skin photorejuvenation or rejuvenation of complexion using light

Simply said, photorejuvenation is rejuvenation of complexion using light. The IPL (""intense pulsed light"") device is used for this purpose. It is a light, which is similar to the laser beam. It is produced by a special sapphire lamp.

During the treatment, heat is produced in the skin; it damages collagen and subsequently leads to new collagen formation, which results in improved elasticity and stretching of the skin. At the same time, the heat treatment leads to the gradual fading of pigmented spots and small veins; the skin colour unifies, the pores withdraw and scars are smoothed.

During the procedure the client can feel slight pinching sensation, after the treatment the skin is reddish for only couple of minutes. It is not necessary any healing time. Because this method is very gentle, any part of the body can be treated - mostly face, neck, lower neck, top of the hands, arms and shoulders.

To achieve the desired effect, 3-5 sessions in one-month intervals are usually required.

Photorejuvenation can be supplemented with other methods - the application of botulinum toxin, fillers, chemical peeling, etc.

Skin photorejuvenation
Face 3 000 Kč
Neck 1 500 Kč
Décolletage 2 000 Kč
Skin on the hands 1 000 Kč