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Sclerotherapy is a gentle method which consists in injecting a sclerosing substance into the veins in legs. This solution leads to gluing the vein walls, gradual closing of the veins and their transformation into fibrous bands. To achieve this transformation it is necessary to apply a compress bandage or wear elastic stockings for at least 2 weeks after the treatment.

It is a short outpatient procedure, lasting approximately 30 minutes. The treatment is not painful, after the intervention extreme physical effort of lower limbs is not recommended (i.e. skiing, exercise bike, aerobics…), the same as swimming, hot bath, sauna. The treatment is not carried out during summer months.

Sclerotherapy can be used as a complementary therapy to other methods of removing varicose veins, subsequently the vein residues, too fine to be treated by sclerotherapy, can be removed by a vascular laser.

This method is not covered by the insurance company.

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