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Removal of scars and stretch marks

Usual types of scars

Stretch marks: associated with large and rapid changes in body volume. This is why they often occur during pregnancy. If the changes are too rapid, the upper layers of the skin cannot stretch so fast and cracklings appear. Stretch marks are not a manifestation of any health complications and they occur in a very high percentage of the population.

Hypertrophic scar: during the healing, wounds produce new cells belonging to the tissue, which is to fill in the gaps in the injured skin. Sometimes, however, the production of connective tissue does not stop in time and a plastic body is created above the scar, a few millimetres of which are elevated above the surface. The hypertrophic scar is the most common form of incorrect healing.

Keloid scars: Keloid scars are created by overgrown scar tissue, usually in locations of a previous trauma. These scars spread to areas adjacent to previous damage and protrude above the level of the surrounding skin. They reach beyond the boundaries of the original wound.


The selection of the appropriate method of treatment must consider the location, nature, depth and size of the scars, the patient's age and response to previous treatment. Therefore it is necessary to have the scar assessed by a physician who will make a decision regarding the appropriate treatment.

Cryolysis – therapeutic effect is achieved by freezing pathological tissues using liquid nitrogen at −180 to −190 °C. Cryolysis is performed only in mature scars that are at least half a year old.

Laser treatment – correction using vascular or dioxide lasers. Also IPL, which is efficient in improving the appearance of hypertrophic and keloid scars.

Improvement in the appearance of existing scars can be supported using various methods. In addition to conservative methods, the methods of aesthetic and plastic surgery can be employed. However, correcting the scars using these relatively invasive methods is associated with certain risks.

The correction of scars is a long and repetitive procedure, which aims to achieve a condition, which is less intrusive in terms of aesthetics.

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