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Plasma therapy

Plasma therapy is a revolutionary method in skin regeneration and rejuvenation. The collagen fibres atrophy with age, the activity of fibroblasts (cells producing collagen) decreases and the skin loses its firmness. Our blood plasma containing blood platelets, white corpuscles, growth factors and stem cells, can stimulate fibroblasts to produce collagen again and like that restore the skin elasticity. At the same time it is used to correct scars and to stimulate the hair growth, it is also a convenient complement of other interventions (e.g. after fractional laser treatments etc.). It is a big advantage that it is the body´s natural material which prevents allergic reactions.

For areas where we need to increase volume (dorsal parts of hands, areas with a higher incidence of scars...) we can use plasma enriched with the hyaluronic acid.

Plasma can be used to treat any part of the body, it is above all used in the face, neck and neckline, it helps in case of an extreme loss of hair, we can correct dorsal parts of hands, circles under the eyes, scars…

During the treatment first a small blood sample is taken, then it is centrifuged in a special test tube and platelet rich plasma is separated. This is later applied in a syringe either by means of mesotherapy for the whole area or to a particular place as a filling material. Before the application the skin is treated with an anaesthetic cream.

Ideally we repeat the treatment 3x always after a month, the target is an elastic, smoothened and clear skin.