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Meso threads

The mini-invasive technique for sagging face, neck and neckline tissues. The application of meso threads stimulates the creation of collagen without thickening fibrous tissues. The collagen forms a “scaffold” which endures after the thread decomposition up to 2 years, the fibres decompose within approximately 9 months. The meso threads consist of thin acupuncture needles containing and leading a polydioxanone fibre of the required shape, strength and length. After installing the needle into the required layer, the fibre stays implanted there. Thus regeneration processes and mechanic stimulation are activated and the tissues contract.

Thread lifting

It is an intervention suitable for clients with starting wrinkles in the upper part of the face, the middle parts (cheeks, nasolabial fold, eyebrow droop, lower eyelids, eye wrinkles, fat prolapse and sagging lower jaw line skin and neck wrinkles).

After the intervention the treated area may be swollen, sometimes with bruises which will absorb within 7–10 days. At first the client may feel tension and traction, or can even feel the thread. It is a short- time effect which will disappear soon. The effect is supported by needling – causing a process of healing, activating the neoangiogenesis and fibroblast proliferation, stimulating the collagen production, strengthening the SMAS layer (superficial muscular aponeurotic system).

The result depends on the client´s age at the time of the intervention, degree of tissue sagging, number of used fibres.

It helps to restore the volume and like this it effectively rejuvenates without the need of surgical lifting. It contours.


  • Lifting effect without surgery
  • Effect for approximately 12–24 months
  • Absorbable and biocompatible material without allergies and refusals
  • Quick
  • Immediate incorporation
  • Compatible with other rejuvenation and corrective
  • No scars
  • Without a significant follow-up treatment and with a quick recovery

The cannula dermal threads represent an intermediate between the aesthetic and plastic surgeries. The cannula dermal threads are the strongest absorbable threads fully comparable with the lifting effect of APTOS threads keeping the advantages of the meso threads.

Thread types: smooth, double screw, cogged, Aptos like.

The appropriate type of thread is chosen according to the area of application.