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Chemical peeling

The method is utilizing the regenerative effect of fruit acids, so-called alpha hydroxyacids (AHA), on the skin. This procedure removes dead skin cells, leading to subsequent improvement in skin appearance due to collagen remodelling.

The chemical peeling makes the skin brighter, unifying its colour and leading to skin rehydration, stretching and smoothing.

Chemical peeling uses

It can be used to correct fine wrinkles, enlarged pores and pigmentations. Depending on concentration of the acid applied (20-70%) and the duration of its action, light, medium or deep peeling can be performed. Before the treatment, it is advisable to "prepare" your skin at home applying a well-chosen product containing fruit acids. The usual treatment course comprises of 3 sessions in one-month intervals. After the treatment, the skin is red and in a few days the peeling of treated areas occurs. During this period, a consistent protection against sun rays using creams with a high UV protection factor (filter) is necessary (all available at the receptionist´s desk of the clinic). The most commonly treated areas are the face, neck, décolletage and back.

After the treatment

After the chemical peeling your skin will be slightly red and may develop small crusts. Within 5–14 days, the skin begins to show a mild peeling effect. A side effect of medium-deep and deep peeling may be an inflammation or skin discolouration. Your doctor will advise what products should be applied to the skin after the treatment. These products should soothe the skin and promote skin regeneration.

Neostrata Chemical peeling
Face 1 300 Kč
Décolletage 1 300 Kč
Neck 1 000 Kč
Back 1 300 Kč